$25 TpT Launch Party @ Simply Kinder!

I am very excited to be launching Simply Kinder with a great group of ladies and a great giveaway where one lucky winner will win a $25 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate!  It’s the Simply Kinder Launch Party and you are all invited to join in the fun!

Over the next week and a half I have some great posts schedule from the following amazing bloggers!  They represent everything from preschool to first grade!  In kindergarten we often range from “sand tables and dramatic play” to the rigorous “the new first grade” type approaches.  So I have brought you a range of bloggers to represent the whole spectrum!  Lots of great ideas to be shared in the upcoming week!

Please enter via Rafflecopter below. There are several ways to enter so you can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.  However, the more you choose, the better your chances.  This giveaway will be closely monitored and I will verify that you follow the way you have said you have if you win, so please enter honestly.  The winner will be announced by July 28th via blog and Facebook.  Please check back often for great upcoming posts, freebies and to see if you won!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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I have been teaching kindergarten for 6 years. I have 2 daughters, one is 20 and one is 9. I love learning from others and sharing ideas. My email address is darred13@aol.com


I have been teaching kindergarten for 10 years. I have a son who is 8 and a daughter that is 4 1/2. I love learning new ideas from other K teachers!!!!!

Hmmm…something about myself…I’m going to be playing tennis (sectionals for our area) in El Paso (I live in AZ) the weekend before school starts! Starting to get stressed now since I won’t have that last minute time to make sure everything is ready. :)

Love finding new Kinder blogs:0
I have been a teacher for 27 years. !5 as a special ed/inclusion teacher and 12 as a kindergarten teacher( and I still work with special needs students,as I have an inclusion classroom).I love hands on learning. I look for ways to differentiate and still have fun!!! Kindergarten is not what it was when I was in school.It is really more like first grade. It is amazing what these kinders can learn and do.Looking forward to following your blog.


Something about me is that in less than a week I will be moving out of the state for the first time to North Carolina for a first grade teaching job. :) Excited and nervous!


Hi, I am your newest follower. I love York blog. I am starting a new special Ed keg-2 class this year. I will have 7 special needs kindergarters. I am so excited and look forward to reading your blog for a lot of great ideas.

Thanks for sharing everything….Dottie


Hi! Just recently found your blog! I’m a K teacher in Southern California. Our class sizes just went up last year, so I’m trying to balance school & 2 young kids at home!
Thanks for sharing!

Valerie Demorest (Valeria)

My name is Rita and I’ve been teaching Kinder for 12 years now! I love it! I remember a lot from my Kindergarten year and had a great teacher named Miss Madden. I thought and still do think she was the prettiest and nicest teacher ever. I remember painting, playing games and winning little paper certificates for knowing my name, numbers and other things. I still have one certificate that my mother saved for me. I look forward to following your blog and getting great ideas from others.

I am a 23 year veteran teacher of mostly pre-k with a few years of kinder early on. Every year is different and every year I try new things. Maybe someday I will get it all “right” but I doubt it! There is always some great idea or cute twist to try out! Now with all the blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook, it’s easier than ever to find ways to improve our teaching practices. Hurray for all the teachers who love to share!

I am an elementary teacher – I teach 5th and 6th grade Math. This year I will be mentoring a new Kindergarten teacher and would love to win this for her!

ah, bananas! I think I already entered but hadn’t posted my blog link. I signed out of the rafflecopter thingy on another blog and then came here and it showed I hadn’t entered, but I’m pretty sure I did. I may have disqualified myself. No matter, thanks for a great giveaway and I’m leaving your link on my blog so others can have a chance.



I had taught 3rd for more than 10 yrs… This year being an interventionist I also gave preps/specials to a kinder class 2x a week and LOVED it…I definitely could see myself teaching this grade. Thanks to you I got lots of ideas!

I am a special education teacher that is yo-yoed from grade to grade every year! I like the variety and the mix-up… so I like to see ideas from year to year… thank you for sharing!! Thank the Lord for technology!

I started teaching kindergarten 23 years ago…then taught some other grade levels…and have been back in kindergarten for the past 3 years. This time around it’s all day instead of half day…it’s great! Thanks for the chance to win!

I am an intervention Specialist for students in k-3. I love teaching!!! I went back to school after staying home with my children for 15 years and am now beginning my 2nd year of teaching. I can’t imagine having any other type of job and enjoying it this much:-)

Hi Jennifer! I am Michelle, I was born and raised in Phoenix but moved to Charlotte, NC 2 years ago. I am going into my 2nd year of teaching 4th grade which is also new to me as I have been K-3. I am excited to begin following your blog and wish you all the luck with this new adventure in your teaching career!


Hi Jennifer! I’m new to the blogging world as of June and new to the teaching world as of now! I just graduated college and am SO excited to enter into the field of teaching. It’s probably one of the most rewarding fields in my own opinion!

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Miss V’s Busy Bees

Great giveaway!

I teach 2nd grade and have recently become a TpT addict! We have kindergarten buddies that we meet with once a week where my kiddos get to be the ‘teachers’ (which they absolutely love and take SO seriously!). That half hour always wears me out… I don’t know how kindergarten teachers do it everyday! :)


I have been teaching for fifteen years in the same school where I said that “one day I will teach there” as I drove by it the first time I saw it. I have taught 3rd and 4th grades, and now I am the Reading Specialist in my school. I love it as I watch struggling readers become NON-struggling readers.

Stop by my blog anytime!
Reading Toward the Stars

What a fun blog! I am just going back to school to finish my teaching degree and am working as a preschool aide this fall. I can’t wait to get in our classroom.

Wow, Kindergarten for me seems like 100 years ago… and I don’t remember much about it but I do remember that I was Miss E (from the Letter People) in my kindergarten graduation program. My Kindergarten teacher’s name was Miss Scoffield, I remember thinking she was really old but my sister (who is 14 years older than me) told me she was a really young teacher LOL.

Thanks for starting this compilation blog I think it is going to be a great resource!!

Krazy Kindergarten Teacher

I am starting my second year as a preschool teacher. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas. I love finding new ways to play with my littles.

I teach elementary students with moderate to severe disabilities at a small district in Kentucky. I loved Kindergarten and can still remember my first day! It was MUCH different those days than it is today, at least at the school I work in, but still lots of fun :-) Thanks for the giveaway!
Special Speckled Eggs

I’m a new follower. I teach 5 year olds that either just miss the cut-off for our district’s kinfergarten or who were not quite ready for kindergarten. I don’t remember a lot about being in kindergarten other than that I took baton twirling lessons and loved school! My love of school lives on today…I am currently working on my doctorate in early childhood education.

What a great giveaway!! I taught K for 9 years, then I went to 2nd grade and now I am going to 1st! I hope I get to go back to K at some point! I really miss it!


I am a Kinder teacher in Texas. I adored Kinder! I had 3 teachers and it was a half day program. I remember always getting in trouble for talking and having to sit behind a bookshelf during movie time for talking so much! LOL! :)
This is a great giveaway! I am having one right now and I hope you’ll visit! :)
Crayons and Curls

When I was Kindergarten age, I lived in VA (Navy Brat) and they didn’t offer it yet. I went to 3 -1st grades in different states, I really don’t remember any of my teachers or experiences. Poor me – but my experiences helped me to be a “memorable” teacher.

I work with students diagnosed on the autism spectrum; my grade can vary between Pre-K all the way up to 2nd (or any mix of these!). I love my students more than I could ever explain, and have loved all of my blog stalking and exploring this summer to find the resources needed for me to become the best possible teacher for them! Kindergarten resources are usually the best starting point for me, so thank you for all that you do and share with people like me!


I am back in the classroom teaching K again after working 3 years in our schools Title I department. I am really excited to have my own class again and to use the skills I gleaned working resource to better my instruction. :0)


I am a veteran (code word for ‘old’) teacher who has always loved teaching and can’t imagine ever not being a teacher. :)I have taught Kindergarten and loved it, and have the greatest admiration for Kindergarten teachers. Teaching Kinders is so physically demanding, but oh the joy of exposing those little ones to all those “firsts” on their educational journey! :) jody.erickson@k12.sd.us

I am a new follower! I am going into my 6th year of teaching, all kindergarten, in a small Texas town. Love my town and school!

Heather (heathernnance@yahoo.com)

Kindergarten was a VERY long time ago! The greatest memory I have is that I wanted to go soooooooo badly, then the first day was cancelled due to a Hurricane. I also remember the name of my Kindergarten teacher, that’s about it!

Sally from Elementary Matters

WOW… sounds like what I remember about first grade… that was when the teacher went up in the space ship that crashed. That’s all I remember about that grade… watching it on TV and then just everyone screaming and tears! Not so much a good memory either!