A Small Way to Help & A Day of Silence

Of course I won’t be posting tomorrow in rememberance of the events on Friday!As a kinder teacher and parent I just have no words!  This one struct my community… my community of early childhood teachers and so I am a little more shaken up over it!

I alway feel the need to do something… so I am going to be a care package to the school… especially for the kindergarten team and kids!

I am going spend the next few days collecting and gathering items to ship over.  I was thinking some stuffed animals for the kids and maybe some new teachery things for the teachers.  I don’t know… maybe new borders and posters may help them to set their room up a little differently… get rid of all those memories?  Who knows if they will even go back to that school?  They will need new things to be effective teachers for sure!  So off to the local teacher store I go!

They posted the address so I feel comfortable posting here.  Feel free to share!
PS – I used Graphics Factory, Mrs. Stanford’s Fonts, and Creative Clips Borders!  Love those gals!


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