Another Cyber Monday Place to Shop!

I am very excited about shopping tomorrow as you can tell!  My TpT cart is almost ready to go and right now I am checking out MPM School Supplies!  Have you ever shopped there?  About a month they emailed me and asked me if I would place an order with them and share it with my readers… uh… it was right when I went back to work so yes please!

I ordered these cool name plates!  You just slide the name tags in and out!  If you have ever wondered if they are worth the money THEY ARE and MPM I found has them the cheapest!  Like $6 for 25!  Seriously a time saver and name tag saver!

While I was there I also ordered one Seat Sack.  I have always wanted to try these and so I figured I would order one to check out the quality!  I was a bit afraid because I have seen others that get ridiculously dirty or fall apart so before I made an investment I wanted to see for myself.  Perfect opportunity right?  And guess what… I LOVE IT!  There is more to come on this topic later!

And I had a few extra dollars so I quickly found some WELCOME cards for my students.  I got all this for under $25 which I know would have cost me a TON at my local teaching store!  The website was so easy to use and the items came super quick!

So tomorrow I am going to check out MPM… over my maternity leave I was switched schools (blessing in disguise!)  Well when I moved I left all of my solid polka-do borders at my previous school.  It took me about 2 years to collect it in ever color and when I went to go buy more down the street I realized they don’t sell it anymore!  Just annoyed!  But MPM has it so I am excited to order again!  (It’s it’s at least a dollar cheaper than the average boarders down the street as well… sigh!)

So be sure to stop by there and check it out.  I don’t usually do posts for products, but if the website was horrible I would have told you as well.  =)  (My real friends will tell you I have NO problem giving an opinion!)

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Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for the honest feedback! You’ve had a lot on your plate and we truly appreciate that you gave of your time to check out our teacher store and share about your experience! Looks like you were able to find some fun products to use in your classroom this year =)

We hope you have a lovely holiday & happy learning!