December Family Traditions Freebie!

This time of year is so touchy… can I talk about this or can I do that?  Who knows these days!

So a few years ago I created this form so that my families could tell me how and what they celebrate in December.  I LOVE reading through their answers!

There is also a disclaimer at the bottom that says:

Please note, although many cultural traditions are based on religious beliefs, we do not discuss any religious backgrounds or meanings.  Please feel free to tell me about them but those cannot be discussed in class. 

We will,however, talk about different celebrations and cultural traditions celebrated in December, which is a part of our Social Studies standards given to us by the state.  Please let me know if you have any concerns with this. 

And also know that the information included on this page is for my reference only and will not be shared specifically with the students.  I will set a classroom culture of acceptance for whatever you believe and I also expect the students to do the same.  (For example, if your student believes in a certain person or tradition, I will not allow anyone to disrespect their belief or to call it into question by any means.)”
This answers many common questions that parents have AND puts it on them to tell you if there is a topic they don’t want covered for any reason.

This page is located in my Simply Kinder Random Freebie file.  Please sure to grab it and use with your families.

(PS – I used to have a cute graphic of Santa, a menorah  and a cup but I had to take that off because it did offend someone.  So now we just go general and generic BUT you will LOVE reading about what your kids do at home!)


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I have a similar letter that I’ve used for about 15 years with my Holiday Traditions Around the World unit. I must say though, I do include appropriate clip art. After all, I am not highlighting just ONE tradition nor endorsing any specific belief. I am happy that I teach in an area that is pretty open.

It bothers me that one person was offended thereby causing you to remove clip art. I think if we are to expect our children to be tolerant, then we as adults must model that as well. Sounds like one person responding intolerantly when your letter exudes tolerance! So sorry about that!

And thanks for sharing your sample letter. I will compare it to mine and then use it to upgrade my own letter. Many thanks!!!

I did something similar this year, – but I stapled a letter asking families to draw/write/make a poster (etc) that shows one of their family traditions. I stapled the letter to a large sheet of construction paper and sent them home. I look forward to having a great conversation about different traditions and hope that kids will see how special they all are!