Football Schmutball Sale!

I admit… I grew up going to 49er games!  We used to tailgate with our family before the game with guys named Snuffy and Dino!  No joke!  But I can honestly say I know not a thing about football!  I do admit though… the sounds remind me of my childhood!

So.. there’s a big sale going on!  Wanted to just drop a note to let everyone know my items will be on sale at least 20% between now and Monday!  It’s a great time to load up!  My cart is full… mostly with clipart so I can keep making fun stuff to use with my kiddos!

Here’s some great items I have made that have really impacted the learning in my room:

I know you all feel bombarded around sale times… so I promise to have a great freebie for you this weekend!  It’s one of my favorite Valentine’s Day projects!

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