Gearing Up For DIBELS

So those of you who know me in my real life know that I am DATA CRAZY!  I keep specific data on EVERYTHING and I use it to drive my instruction and groupings.  Literally, you will see me teaching with a checklist in hand to make sure I can eyeball kids who need it!
I wanted to take a moment and share some insight I found while looking at my DIBELS data… check this out…
Do you notice what I notice, that I have never noticed before?  This student met in all three areas that we are told to focus on (FSF, PSF, NWF) but did not Benchmark overall… she came up Yellow Strategic.
After asking around and getting no real answer, I started really to think about what this means and came up with this  (someone even told me to take it up with DIBELS… LOL).
Even though a child can be OK in each individual area, they can still be strategic because strategic means “keep an eye on this one.” If you look at the LNF she scored a O and the WWR is also O and so they are right.. I need to keep an eye on her.  For once, I realize that the Composite Score is just as important as each individual test (because ultimately I would like to NOT have any red or yellow dots, as when you look at the chart your eye attracts to the colors and not the numbers, making it look as if my kids did not do as good as they actually did!)
How is knowing this going to change how I teach?  Believe it or not it really is.  Before realizing this I was like “Oh LNF don’t really count AND WWR don’t either” so I taught but did not really emphasize it through routine practice.  Boy was I holding myself back!  If this student had scored in those two areas, her composite score would have been higher and she would have had a green dot at the end of the row!  Duh!
Moving forward… head on over to  PreK and K Sharing to see how I use my Stop folders to help kids practice essential skills including the reading skills on DIBELS.
I hope someone else can learn from my little realization!  Please share any AHA’s you have had too… (or maybe I am wrong?)  Have a great weekend everyone!

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