Gingerbread Crazy!

I love Gingerbread Time!  Here are my favorite projects to do!
Free Academic Gingerbread Houses Activity!
Have students build graphs then use those graphs to build their milk carton gingerbread houses!   It’s a great academic twist to that fun project many of us have had taken away!  Click the image below to grab it if you have not done so yet.
  Gingerbread Man Colors and Positional Word Practice Book.  
his kids love this as they manipulate the gingerbread many “inside the red hot oven” or “next to the blue river” or “below the blue bird.”  Click either image to check them out.
Students will actually move the gingerbread man into the oven
(you attach the front door to the oven to the books!)
Gingerbread Ornaments for our parents.
1.  Mix 3/4 cup apple sauce (plus a dash more) and 1 cup cinnamon with about two tablespoons of  glue.  I would suggest buying 2 of the tall Cinnamon’s and 2 of the large jars of apple sauce.  That should get a classroom of about 30 very easily.
2.  Knead the dough.  It’s important that there is NO creases or folds in the dough.  You definitely have to work it.
3.  Roll it out onto wax paper.
4. Then stamp with a gingerbread cookie cutter.  Poke a hole with a toothpick for the string.
5.  And lastly place to dry. They will have to dry for several days.  Turn them over every half day or so.  I would also suggest prewriting your students names on the wax paper so you know whose is whose!
6.  Decorate with students’ faces, hot glue works best.  Ribbon hot glued through the ornament’s hole, a sequence, and anything you want to add!  Make adorable holiday gifts that will smell delicious for years!
We will wrap them by putting them in brown paper bags with just regular old paper towels to keep them protected.  We will write on the backs of old Christmas cards I collected from last year, staple them together and they are ready to go!  (The trick is to ask for them now so no one throws them away before they return from break… and save them for next year!  The kids also love using these cards in the writing lab!)

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