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Back to school in January means Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming!  This is such a hard topic to talk about with Kinders because they are so literal, so here is how we do Martin Luther King Day in our classroom!


Here’s some resources for you!
And some great books I checked out from the library.  They are worth checking to see if you can find!   This topic is hard in kindergarten because you don’t want to say too much or too little… but where is that balance.  So I often find myself using the books for the pictures and using my own words to soften things or to put in language they will understand.
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.28.53 AM
Excellent easy about the life of MLK that is meant for little readers!
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.30.29 AM
A short story about the life of MLK, 200 words says it all!
This book is PERFECT for kinder kids!
This is another great book!  It’s about the boy Alex and how he befriends a mule in the neighborhood.  He is told how the mule played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s.  It give lots of historical perspective and is very age appropriate!  It’s a little wordy so it would be better to be broken up into 2 days and after they already have some knowledge of MLK and civil rights!  But a great book!
A story about a class who is getting a teacher who is black.  The little girl overhears her parents talking that she is ‘colored’ and the little girl wonders… what color is she – green, yellow?  It’s a great story of how this teacher touches these kids lives no matter what the color of her skin!
This book has AMAZING pictures.  It’s worth finding just to find and see.  I would show selected pages to my kinders, but his would surely not be left in my classroom library I don’t think!
Another story about the desegregation process.  Favorite part as an adult… the mom sent her kids off to school and called in that day to pray her kids stay safe!  I never thought of it like that… could you imagine having to send your children to school knowing what they were going to face!  Ugh!  This is a great book for kinder but again I may skip certain pages and use my own words while reading to the little ones.
This is a great video about MLK and his life.  Very appropriate if you are talking about the events of the Civil Rights Movement.
And of course some printables you can use in your kindergarten classroom!
And of course… I had to include a freebie!  (My Facebook fans helped me come up with the vocabulary, so it’s only fair I give it to you for free!)
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.44.24 PM
Do you have a MLK idea posted or to share?  Comment below or if you have an activity link up!
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This book is absolutely perfect for my English learners and little Firsties. Thank you so much for sharing. The only other books I would add to your readalouds are The Crayon Box That Talked and A Land of Many Colors.
Thank you! Julie