The Magical Product Swap

Very excited to be sharing with you TWO amazing products that I was so luck to get to review for the

The first is from a dear friend Mary from Sharing Kindergarten!
My students are used to reading this line of stories but as a teacher I have never really done anything with it other than the typical reading to!  So I was very excited to get my hands on this product!
I want to start by saying this product was LOADED with activities!  Everything from sequencing to stories for age ranges from preschool to first grade!  (Which works perfect in kinder because we really service that range.)
My favorite thing from this set was definitely the vocabulary embedded throughout!!!  My students favorite on the other hand was this fun game with a dice that matches the story!  (Kids love anything with dice I tell you!)
I have to say it is really refreshing to open a unit and have SO many items that easily implemented!  Mary is great at this!  For example, her reader that she includes in the set is made in such a way there there is no folding, so trying to figure out how to put in the copy machine!  I hate that… when a reader has page one on the top and page two on the bottom.  As a teacher it is SO much easier to make these when they are set to make 2 books from one copy… put the book in order, staple in the copy machine, slice and read!  (Makes sense in my head!)
The second product I got to review was for Donna at Peace, Love and Learning!
It’s a great MLK unit that centers around a short story she wrote about MLK!  So on Friday after school I spent some time preparing the unit for Thursday and Friday of next week!   My plan is the reader (with a student version,) to make a class book about our own dreams, and great craftivity of MLK that looks very similar to the image above.  Here is a sneak peek at what activities I also plan to use throughout the day from this fabulous unit!
Both items are very fairly priced and WELL worth the money!
Stop on over to Sharing Kindergarten to see her review of my Arctic Animals Craftivity Book!

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