TpT Winner & B2S Freebie for All!

We all have Back to School forms we use, but this one is probably my favorite!  
It’s 3 or 4 simple questions:
What’s your child’s name?
What do you want me to call your child?
How do you want me to teach your child to write their name? (Kinder version only)
And my favorite…
Please tell me anything you might feel I need to know about your child or family!
I love this question because it opens the door for so many conversations:  IEP issues from previous grade, family issues, learning concerns, holiday concerns, learning styles, behavior issues, etc.  The list goes on and on as to what parents will say about their children and it is so helpful to read before the first day of school!
I uploaded it to a file call Parent and Teacher Random Freebies!  I am going to be moving over those great flyers from Empowering Little Learners and creating more as the year goes on!  This way they are all in one place!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!  
We have a winner for our $25 TpT Gift Certificate!  Her name is Iniray and she faithfully follows my TpT store!  Congrats Iniray… when TpT is up and running smoothly I will forward you your gift certificate!
TpT Sale!
Due to the issues with TpT today, I will be extending my Christmas in July sale will be extended until tomorrow!  So please stop by my store to save some money!
Have a great day!

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Thanks for sharing!

What a great question… I definitely need to know how my parents approach Halloween, Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (in addition to A TON of other things, lol!). I teach at a Christian school and these cultural icons can cause serious trouble. :-)