5 Must Have Alphabet Songs For Kinder

Jul 26, 2015 | Back To School, Reading, Teaching the Alphabet | 0 comments

Using music in kindergarten is so important!  Songs will help your students to be actively engaged in the learning, help them to remember the concepts better, and create an overall climate of fun in your kindergarten classroom!  So you should have an iPod is FULL of great songs for teaching kids.

5 Must Have Songs for Teaching the Alphabet in Kindergarten!

But… about 6 years ago I thought it would be a good idea to rename all the titles to be the first few words of the song and the artist to be the what topic the song is.  So every song is tagged as “I’ve Got The Whole Alphabet” and “Alphabet Song”.  At the time it seemed like a great way to organize them but years after I realize it was not the wisest thing to do!

So this is where I turned to Periscope and all my fabulous readers – that’s you!  The other night I played on my Hamilton Buhl speak and iPhone my songs and gave an incentive for teachers (or whomever) to email me the correct names of the songs!  Check out that Periscope below:

My inbox flooded with song names and I am so appreciative of that (those who took the time to participate all got to pick a teaching resource for free!)

Curious what those amazing alphabet songs are?

5 Great Songs for Practicing the Alphabet!

PS – since I have all the names of the songs now, the giveaway is now closed!


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