A “Scent-sable” Giveaway & Returning to Teaching Tips!

Nov 18, 2012 | Giveaways, Teacher Wisdom | 2 comments

I wanted to take a moment and just share some reflections from my past few weeks.  I have shared little bits here and there about my personal life but in case you missed it I had a baby on August 3rd this year.  Love him!  I also was switched schools this year so at the end of last school year I packed up and moved my things 8 months pregnant.  Then during my maternity leave I was moved schools again and so now I have my new home which I am very excited about!  I pray that I am not ever moved from this school as people fight for these positions during the regular transfer periods.

OK – then on top of this I have a kindergartner who started this year at the first school and moved when I moved my things.  He has issues to say the least… 3 years in developmental preschool and struggling to keep up in kindergarten.  We are in the process of retesting to maybe get some additional help.  More to come on that I am sure!

So returning to work for me this month was really not that difficult.  I had spent some time on the campus as a parent volunteer and so I got to know my new colleagues pretty well and even many of the  kids and parents.  I almost felt guilty for not crying and losing it like I did with my first son.

Here’s what I have done and learned that may help you through it if you are in those days of returning to work!

1.  The reality is that most people have to work!  It’s not the end of the world.

2.  Be thankful for time with your child/ren… no matter how long or short.  Not sure how to say this but  there are families who have had to deal with much worse problems than just taking their kids to daycare.  Keep it in perspective as much as you can.

3.  My doctor has told me that it takes a full year for your hormones to return to normal after a baby.  Own that it.  If you need help, seek it out!  I personally am a huge proponent of counseling and it has helped me through many rough times in my life!

4.  Don’t count down the days!  That’s hard but really try not to.  Enjoy them and don’t dwell on them!

5.  Make yourself something new and exciting for your class.  You may not want to think about school or working but it may uplift you get excited about teaching again. Pinterest is a great place to do this!  I went a little poster crazy and printed a bunch of those rainbow-y posters with the cute sayings on them. I even printed some out and gave them to my coworkers.

6.  When you do return to work know that your things will be unorganized and some things may be lost  or destroyed.  It’s not the end of the world!  No matter how well you know your sub, they are not you!  Relationships are much more important than things!  (I had a fabulous sub this time!  Just love her!)

7.  Ask for help if you need it.  Getting out the door with 2 kids each morning is hard!

8.  You will be grumpy!  Or at least I have been told I am grumpy.  But remember everyone else is in day 60 and you are on like the second week of school!  Bring yourself back to that time during a normal year and you will remember how tired you are and how many things are on your to do list.

9.  You will have to reestablish routines and procedures.  I was a little surprised that I was going to have to monitor my kinders during dismissal… they had done it a hundred times so why now are they saying they are a parent pick up when they are a bus!  Well… they are testing the limits of a new person!

Something I did this time to uplift my spirits was to engage the sense of smell.  I bought the car refills from Bath and Body works and placed them around my room.  They don’t have to be plugged in and they won’t spill so they are perfect for the classroom.  They are these little guys.  Love them!  I could be just moving about my class doing my normal business and it is just refreshing to have Sweet Pea or Frosted Cupcake in the air… makes me smile!

I am going to try to start giving more things away and so I have purchased a few extras of these and am going to raffle them off.  I am going to leave the giveaway open until I publish my next post which could be in a day or in a week or sometimes even more than that.  My next post I have a really fun product so be sure to follow so you don’t miss it!

Please feel free to leave your reflections below!  


  1. Erin P

    School starts this week and I am 7 months pregnant (first time mommy). All summer long I have been stressing about my November maternity leave and what I will return to in January. Your words are very comforting 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be back to reread them In December.
    Thank you!

  2. Jill

    This is good advice for someone who had unexpected turn in health. The only difference is the situation. This is a wonderful post.


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