Always Oh My Gosh & Not The Other Way!

Mar 23, 2014 | August, Back To School, Freebies, Management, TpT in Action | 7 comments

Oh my gosh… three little words that can make a conversation so much more polite and less offensive!
When me and my students “OMG” we are 100% “Oh My Gosh”ing!
As a teacher… I correct kids and I tell them why.
And I will be completely honest here… I am not a church-going person.  But I am a person who is aware of the words I choose and their impact on others!  And that’s why it’s so important that we as teachers teach kids things like this… and chivalry, and kindness, and empathy!  Some will argue that it’s not our job as educators… but I will ALWAYS argue is our job as human beings!So where does this all stem from?  Why do I care so much about this?

Well.. my very first time in a classroom in college… no joke… a little girl names Mai Tai (yes like the alcoholic beverage) said to my mentor teacher that I said a curse word!  Ok – those who know me.. speak up.. I curse like a sailor outside of school grounds!  I was mortified.. did I really just say a curse word?  I am always very careful around children!  It’s like it has an automatic shut off switch!  Anyways… so she finally whispered in the teachers ear that I said “Oh My God!” Whew… a sense of relief but still I had deeply offended this little girl!   So that whole time I made sure I myself and others were  being respectful to little blond piggy-tailed Mai Tai!  And it’s just stuck as something I work towards correcting in the world!  One of my many little soap box items!

Some kids need that visual reminder so a quick freebie for my Facebook fans only!
Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Linda Nelson @ Primary Inspiration

    Agreed!! So many words that are used carelessly can cause unintentional pain … “shoot me now” and “brain dead” come to mind as examples. Even though expressions like these and OMG have become commonplace, it’s a great thing to spend some time teaching our little ones the power of careless words.
    Love the poster, by the way! 🙂
    Primary Inspiration

  2. tynetots

    I have to make sure I ask what the word was. One year they would cone to me and say he said the f word. Here it was fart. The s word was shut up. And the h word, well it was the h word rhyming with well.

  3. Molly

    What a great poster to reinforce the idea! Thanks so much! I am constantly telling my kiddos this!

    Lucky to Be in First

  4. Nicole Alderson

    too funny! I say “oh my goodness” ALL the time! Funny how they pick up every single thing!!


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