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Jul 17, 2014 | Product Review, Reading, Technology | 8 comments

I am just in love with the Sight Word Ninja app… I had to officially share with you all!  Totally free and all of your kids will love but especially your struggling readers!

I used this app in my classroom last year with just my personal iPhone.  I had zero technology so this was honestly my only option to integrate technology!  So I would put a student at my small group table on the side or on the floor so I could monitor them.  My son Braedon LOVES this app too!  As a matter of fact, my almost two year old likes to slice the words and at this point I don’t care that can identify the words or not… he is playing with words and that is all I care about!

But being honest.. I did not know about all the features this app had until I had time this summer to really go into the settings!   So to get in you have to do a 3 finger password.
This is where you can really customize the app to what your class needs!
From what I can tell from using the app:
Difficulty – the speed at which the words fly through the air.
Random Playback – words repeating
Game Duration – how long the game lasts
But it get’s better:
You can select the grade level!  How cool is that?!  But wait….
You can go into each level and select what specific words you want to include!  I just think this is amazing.. I can customize what words we are practicing for the week!!!  How cool is that!
Kids just absolutely love slicing the word they hear!  It’s a great play on a very popular game they already play for sure!  This app gets an A+ from me!

This is GREAT for your struggling readers because when you use technology reading becomes multisonsory!  Click here to see an article on why iPad’s are good for the dyslexic brain – but don’t let the word “dyslexic” stray you from reading it… multi sensory is good for ALL STRUGGLING READERS dyslexic or not! For more sight word activities I love, check out my Pinterest board! Follow Simply Kinder’s board Sight Words on Pinterest.


  1. MrsS

    This looks fantastic! Off to download it now! Thank you!

  2. Linda

    Thanks for sharing! I think the kids would love this!

    Down the Learning Road

  3. Oma Sara Bates

    Thank you! This is great! I really appreciate your attention to details and sharing them with us.

  4. Caterpillar Wings

    I love how you can customize it to grade level and then to specific words. Does the game stop when the “game duration” is up? If so – what a neat feature so you don’t have to worry how long a kiddo has been on the app! Thanks for sharing!

  5. lorena

    Thank you for sharing about this. I just downloaded it. 🙂



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