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Apple Science and Stem Activities

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Apple week is really one of the first times you get really do a good thematic unit for the new school year and so it is a favorite amongst teachers everywhere.   And Apple Science is one of my favorite parts to Apple Week and so I wanted to share with you some of the activities and a great freebie!

Apple Science Printables for Kindergarten

We always start with sink and float.  It just seems like the most obvious science activity for kindergarteners.  I tend to use what I have in my classroom that year, sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it is not.  I fill it with water and we do it as a class whole group.

Kindergarten Apple Science - Will and Apple sink or float?

Depending on the class, I will allow the kiddos to test it during a center time for themselves.  Most classes can handle it, but we all know some classes cannot at this point in the year.  If you do have a sink and float independent station, make sure you have lots of paper towels in that station.  Make the expectation very clear on how  many times they can do it because it feels like the more they get to check the same apple again and again, the more the water gets everywhere.

From there we take about the parts of the apple and actually open some of them up to see first hand the seeds and stuff.  While they are open, the kids always start to notice how the apples change colors which leads into our next set of experiment. Kindergarten Apple Science Activities We start just by seeing what happens when we leave it out and then from there we brainstorm some ides to see if there is anything we can do to stop it from happening.  The kids always come up with some great ideas and we will check out a few of them and see if they work.

And everyone’s favorite part is the apple tasting.  No apple week would be complete without trying out the three different colors of apples and figuring out which color everyone likes the best.

Kindergarten Apple Science Activities

We start by tasting and recording some observations as a group.  From there each person is given an apple to color and put on our big class graph.  To do this everyone colors the apple the right color, puts their name on in black crayon, and comes to the floor.  One at a time we glue on each child’s apple to the chart and take a tally on our paper.  The tally part helps the students to stay on task and focused while each individual gets to physically put their apple on the big class graph.  Once the graph is done, we count our graph and tallies and right a sentence summing up our results.

Kindergarten Apple Science - Free Apple Stacking STEM Activity

We always end our apple unit with this fun apple stacking activity.  We don’t do this lesson as formally because I really want the kids to just think and strategize.  It’s loads of fun and FREE if you download the free preview of our Apple Science unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

These activities are usually integrated throughout the week, filled with apple books, apple videos, and our fun Johnny Appleseed hats.

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