Arctic Animals Craftivity Book

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As we prepare to return to work in January I wanted to share with you a unit that I just posted I am very excited about.  Arctic Animals Craftivity Book.

I find it very easy to plan math and reading AND very difficult to plan science and social studies.  So I have been trying to organize everything into little books that I can just work through with the students.

Returning in January… we are going to be learning about Arctic Animals!  Linking up with Sunny Days Show and Tell!

So I start by assembling the journals.  Since I have posted this, I have given you lots of options to do in your journal.  Select the ones you want for each animal, throw it in the copy machine and set to staple!  Done super quick!
Above is only a few of the options – there are 7 pages per animal if you choose.  The set also includes a fact page loaded with facts about each animal so you have all the information right at your finger tips!  (Fitting that non-fiction push we are all feeling right now!)
Then each animal has a craftivity to go on the intro page for each animal!  Aren’t they cute?  So you have the kids assemble and affix right into the book!  All of the pieces are included to make these five animals!
Have you heard the drama about the penguin?  LOL.  Yes – a penguin does not live in the arctic, he actually lives more towards the equator for food reasons.  But since many teachers do penguins during these units, I decided to include him!

So this is the part of the message that will delete after tomorrow. If you make any purchase from my TpT store today and yesterday only – I will send you this set for free!  Just leave your email and a link to what you purchased and I will send you it for free!  (Did I mention that I pretty much turned my store into an outlet as well.. everything is super cheap!)

Happy New Year Everyone!  Stao everyone brings their trailers and the kids all run around like crazy!  My favorite part is the smores!   Stay safe out there everyone!


  1. Nancy

    I just purchased Four Corners Rhyming. Thanks for the great ideas and the freebies. And, thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda

    I just purchased popcorn primer sight words pack and read it, write it, glue it pre primer under alporth. Thanks for the amazing sale prices especially after the holidays, eep! Alporth at gmail dot com

  3. kspra123

    I purchased your “counting snap cubes- primer sight word list” today under kspra123. I thinking about purchasing the pre-primer – it such a steal already! I was super excited when I saw your blog about receiving the artic freebie…

  4. charlie85748

    Jennifer I had lots of fun shopping at your tpt store and I’m looking forward to implementing the activities in the 3rd quarter. I bought Tricky Sounds Letter SortsTricky Sounds Letter Sorts ,Sight Words – Read it, Write it, Glue it – Primer DolchSight Words – Read it, Write it, Glue it – Primer Dolch Sight Words SentencesSight Words Sentences I’m can’t wait to checkout your artic freebie my email is Happy new year


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