Back To School – It’s No Joking Matter

Aug 17, 2013 | Back To School, Management, Teacher Wisdom | 0 comments

That’s right!  Serious business here – this back to school stuff!
So my Freebielicious friends and I are lightening the mood a little!
I am already in school and so I am sort of past the stress prepping and meetings and am already in a daily routine.  But the one thing that totally stresses me out when I am teaching is when students ask to go to the nurse like 100 times!  “My arm hurts” or “my nose is itchy.”  It’s like this newfound freedom of seeing a ‘doctor’ without their parent is so empowering and they all want to go!  And it seems to be more at the start of the year for sure!  So here’s a fun Kid Snippet video about going to the nurse!
And a fun picture for you… totally had to move lots of students this week to get the perfect combinations of tables and partners.  So I guess my husband is proud.. he says he is here:
Keep blog hopping to see all the fun.
I am sure you have seen about the TpT sale everywhere the last few days.
Happy shopping. I am off to fill my cart so I can check out easily tomorrow!


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