Back To School Sale!

Jul 27, 2014 | Back To School, TpT in Action | 1 comment

It’s just around the corner… Back to School!  Some are already even back… can you believe that?

My favorite item has to be the Welcome to School Chalkboard Bulletin Board set shown here by Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies!

Isn’t it amazing!?  Seriously she can take any regular old thing and make it look so AMAZING!  (She’s having a sale too so be sure to head that way as well!)  I have truly loved seeing them pop up on social media sites as teachers use them!  Be sure to tag #SimplyKinder if you share because I would love to see!

1 Comment

  1. L. Lawrence

    I am a reading volunteer at a high-risk school in Tulsa, OK. The chart w/ letter formation and poems is fabulous! How much?


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