Bobbing For Words: Apple Activity and Free Printable

Who doesn’t love bobbing for apples? It’s a fun way to add a fall festive activity to the classroom. My kids love dipping their hands into a bowl filled with apples and cold water and trying to create words with what they grabbed. I put the activity out on a table and within 10 seconds there was already so much intrigue from the kiddos.

Bobbing for words is a fun way to let the students practice different word families. It would be a great addition to Johnny Appleseed celebrations (FYI Johnny Appleseed day is September 26th), an orchard trip or any fun fall festivities.


Bobbing For Words: Apple Activity and Free Printable

The activity is super simple to set up. Grab a bag of apples and use a permanent marker to write consonants on each apple. Fill a bowl or tub with water and dump all of the apples in.


Grab the Free Printable Here: Bobbing For Words Free Printable

Print off the free apple printable and start students off with the word families you’re studying.

Bobbing For Words: Apple Activity and Free Printable

Let the students grab an apple out of the bowl. Next, they’ll copy the letter they bobbed out into the apple outline. I know some teachers still do the old school bobbing for apples with the teeth/mouth method. I can’t bring myself to do it because of the germ factor! Plus you don’t want the kids to eat the skin with the permanent marker on it.

Make sure to have a towel or two on hand to catch water dripping off of the apples and little hands.

Bobbing For Words: Apple Activity and Free Printable

I hate the idea of wasting fruit. So instead of tossing the apples kids had their hands all over I would find a wonderful parent volunteer who would make apple pie or apple sauce.  With another good washing and peeling the rest of the apples could be cooked into a delicious treat to continue the fall celebrations.

What are your favorite apple activities? Comment below to tell us about them!

Don’t forget the Bobbing For Words Free Printable!