Classroom Kindness Elf

It’s the jolliest time of the year in classrooms and students are overflowing with excitement for the holiday season. Many teachers enjoy incorporating a classroom elf this time of year to encourage fun and good choices. Simply Kinder offers a twist on traditional elf shenanigans by encouraging acts of kindness throughout the hustle and bustle of this season. Read for more information on how you can spread cheer with a classroom kindness elf.

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What’s Included?

You will find everything you need to incorporate acts of kindness with your classroom elf in this set from Simply Kinder. The best part is all items are low prep and editable to fit your needs.

  • Arrival letter that introduces the acts of kindness.
  • Easy Reader to teach about kindness elves.
  • Kindness chain that displays all the acts of kindess your class completes.
  • 30 chain links with ideas for acts of kindness.
  • Cheer & Joy journal for students to reflect on their acts of kindness.
  • Brainstorming graphic organizers for each act of kindness.
  • Reflection prompts allow students to illustrate and write about each act of kindness.
  • Departure letter for the day your elf returns to the North Pole.
  • Editable Honorary Elf certificates for students.

Classroom Kindness Elf Ideas

Your classroom kindness elf can be done in addition to your silly elf shenanigans. Students love finding the elf each morning and seeing what he/she was up to while they were away from the classroom. The acts of kindness are an added bonus that will encourage students to focus on the good they can do during the holiday season.

Arrival Letter and Kindness Chain

  1. Choose the arrival letter that works best for your classroom elf and edit the name if applicable. Place the letter in an envelope addressed to your class from the North Pole. Read the letter as a class and let the acts of kindness begin.
  2. Choose which acts of kindness to include from the chain link ideas. The elf will bring a new act of kindness for students to complete each day. You will add the links to the chain as they are completed.
  3. Let students brainstorm extra acts of kindness and record them on the blank chain links. Attach them to the kindness chain as they are completed.

Brainstorming Organizers

Brainstorming ideas on how to implement each act of kindness will encourage students to be intentional about following through each day.

  1. Utilize the brainstorming organizers for all or some of the acts of kindness. Students can write or draw ideas of how to implement each act of kindness.
  2. Create an anchor chart by tracing the brainstorming organizers onto chart paper. Brainstorm ideas as a class and record on the organizer.

Reflection Opportunities

  1. Create a daily writing journal using the Joy & Cheer cover page. This is a great opportunity for students to reflect on how showing kindness brightens the lives of others.
  2. The reflection prompts work great as standalone writing activities. These can also be made into a journal using the Joy & Cheer cover page to keep everything neatly organized. Students can write and draw to show how they implemented each act of kindness.
  3. Have whole group share time to discuss how students showed acts of kindness. This encourages the kindness to continue way past the holiday season.

Honorary Elf Certificates and Departure Letter

One of our favorite parts of this set are the honorary elf certificates. The editable name list makes creating the certificates a breeze. Your students will LOVE getting an official certificate from their classroom kindness elf before he/she heads back to the North Pole. Be sure to include these certificates with the departure letter from your elf.

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