Bulletin boards drive me crazy! I tend to make them so I don’t have to replace them year after year but with this being my 3rd school in 2 years I have had to move things a lot.  So I wanted to share with you my crazy bulletin board antics!

So I like to use sheet protectors on my walls.  It makes it easy for me to display work without having to find a stapler, locate staples (because it’s always empty) and then our walls are SUPER thick like stone so ugh!  I put 5160 labels on them so I can quickly see who has turning in a project and who has not.  And I only empty them several times a year so it helps me to collect work samples for their memory books without having to file every day!   It just makes sense.
But as you can tell from my picture above what never made sense was how to get them perfectly aligned with each other.  Staple-remove-staple-remove-staple-remove!  Yuck.  So this year I got smart and thought to myself what can I use to help visualize before I affix!   Post-its!  Woot-Woot!  So I put my stickies along the space, moved them around to where they were perfectly spaced, and then stapled my sheet protectors over them!  I don’t know… maybe I am new to the game and you all have been doing this for years?
I actually have found other ways to use stickies for bulletin boards in my room.  My favorite HAS to be my word wall!  I must hate staplers because again I found myself not liking stapling up words and taking them down each year.  And then resorting them – ugh!  So this year I decided to used sticky notes for the wall.  As you can see by my picture, I color code my red words (stop and think or sight words) and green words (go ahead and sound it out.)  Using stickeys makes this so easy!  I can add words as they are meaningful and not necessarily as they are presented in the curriculum.  And guess what – at the end of the year I took them off and threw them away!
Now if you are going to do your word wall this way here is some advise.  Test your stickies overnight and over a weekend (when the air conditioning is off at your school.)  Certain brands or styles of sticky notes did not work for my classroom.  (You can see my one rogue word under the letter S which was a bad sticky.)   So test it before you invest money in a Costco size supply of them.  Oh – and when you take them off do so slowly.  It tore some of my fadeless paper (ahhhhh!)  But if you go slow you should be OK.
This year my own son will be in first grade and I started thinking about how much fun it was to take his picture on the first day of school.  It is such an important day!  We took ours in our front yard with a little sign I printed for free off the internet.  So I started thinking.. how can I share that experience with my families without having to visit each child in the morning.
So I made this fun bulletin board!  Chalk is the latest craze this year year (if you did not notice) and so I made this fun boards.  The concept is that the students stands in front of the board – in the bubble area – for the picture.  The bulletin board will have documented the fun day in such a fun way!
I also made them in First and Preschool.  And I added the title “Welcome To” so you can keep it up for longer than the first day!  Seriously what a great photo op for your families!
What I love about them is they fit into a gallon size ziplock back.  I may just be getting rid of my bulletinboard sets and creating my own from now on!
So they are available in my TpT store.  Please click on any of them above to be directed to the correct board!
Not sure what to do with all those borders you have?  I have TONS!  I actually don’t like doing the patterned borders anymore because they are so busy.  But they do make the perfect hats!  Seriously, I can really make a hat out of everything!
Well that’s all for now.  My BFF has kids on Monday.. I still have a few weeks off.  I don’t actually look to when to see I report back until August 1st.  Makes me feel like I am not counting the days.  (Boy I hate when friends do that on Facebook.)
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