December Freebies & Gifts for Teachers!

Dec 8, 2013 | Assessments, Freebies, Giveaways, Reading, Winter | 6 comments

I also got my son’s teachers presents in the mail yesterday!  I am so excited because they are so cute!    (Yes I had to get 4.. his regular ed teacher, speech teacher, resource teacher, and occupational therapist!)
They are incredibly durable, look just as the picture, and they were delivered super fast!  There’s still time I am sure!   I ordered them from from this fun store on Etsy!
And some quick December freebies if you have not downloaded them yet.
Countdown Calendars… just for fun or for counting books or giving points!
Letter Naming Fluency practice pages!
And Non-sense Word Fluency practice pages as well!
Click the images to download!
Happy Sunday Everyone!

And have you entered to my Year End Giveaway yet?  LOTS of amazing prizes will go to one person!

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  1. Ramzan Ali

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  2. sanam arzoo

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  3. tmolin

    I love how teachers are so willing to share and giveaway things that they create!

  4. Chelsea O'Neal

    I love getting great ideas and tips!! Also last year when our district went with AIMS the freebies of fluency practice and nonsense words were great!! We had not had to assess those in the past.

    Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

  5. Creating Teaching Inspiring

    I love those water bottles for your childs teachers….maybe a parent in my room would be so kind!! so cute!! 🙂


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