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Free Distance Learning Schedule

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Keep your students’ distance learning schedule organized with these free distance learning schedule templates.  Don’t get confused with all of the different activities going on with these easy to use free schedule templates. Perfect for teachers or parents that need a little help organizing. Click through to get your FREE printable.

This is a question that keeps being brought up in the Simply Kinder teacher group. The thing is that every school has different platforms, lessons, and requirements and so there really is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The next question is BUT WHAT DOES YOUR SCHEDULE LOOK LIKE?

With teachers having different meeting times, different independent activities, and all sorts of things going on during the day it can be really hard to organize it for your families. This is what we experienced with my son’s 3rd grade teacher and so I reached out and asked if I could help her format the schedule so it’s easier for families to follow. We wanted to share that template with you just in case you can use it too. A few things before you download it:

  • this is a PowerPoint document with lines and text boxes so you can adjust it to fit your schedule and activities
  • you can insert hyperlinks to make it easy for your families to follow
  • because of copyright we cannot load clipart in because you will need to move it but you can insert your own
  • save the file as a PDF so the formatting and look of the file stays the way you set it

This Resource works Well With

Each week in my home we print this document and cross off what we have completed. We also keep a version open on our desktop to click all the links. If you can find it useful for your families, please feel free to use it.

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