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Here’s what’s happening now in my little world!  Wheh… there has been so much the last week or two but I have even more fun stuff coming in the next few weeks!  SO excited!  Anyways.
I did a post last year about what we do in my class for Earth Day and we are doing those (click here to see) and doing a few new things!
Love me some Harry Kinderdarten!  Here’s a fun little video about the 3 r’s!  Catchy tune of course the kids will love!  I have to say I love how all these videos are being redone!  (Yes I was a little frustrated at first but we teachers are creatures of habit and so after the freaking subsided I am a happy follower again!)
I also created this fun little writing book!
It’s a craft for the cover and is loaded with interactive activities to go inside that are great for kinder through second grades!
Basic and simple activities to learn about the Earth.
 Ways to care for the Earth like conserving water.
And all about the 3 r’s:  reduce, reuse, and recycle.
I often get asked by my friends who teach older grades to adapt my work for them.  So I am trying to do that as well from now on.  Picture above shows one of many writing prompts that will guide your lessons about the Earth and provide a place to document them.
It is also loaded with writing pages so you can customize this book:  a journal to record facts, a story about the Earth, or really anything you want!
It of course has a freebie in the preview!
A few other things going on lately…  Kindergarten registration!  Check out this fun bulletin board I made for the families!  There is no better family than a family gearing up for kinder!  So enthusiastic and eager to meet you and be there!  No other grade is this fun!
It was really difficult to pick out which border to go with this great little set!  After fumbling with many I went with a Creative Teaching Press Stars pattern!  I just love it and don’t want to take it down!
So… I added the word FUTURE to my Welcome to Kinder Bulletin Board Set.  So if you already own and want this fun board, go back and download it!  Otherwise.. with your purchase you will get all sorts of options for back to school AND now LAST DAY OF and FUTURE as well!


Last… we are gearing up for testing!  Not sure if it’s a sigh of relief we are so close or a sigh because I am anxious and nervous.
Have you downloaded my DIBEL’s freebies for letter naming and nonsense word fluency?   These are great resources to use to get the kids practicing and practicing.  Here’s how I use them:

We of course read them by ourselves.

We read them with partners… “one person points, the other person reads.”

And we read them with sand timers for speed.

Click the above for the nonsense practice and below for letter naming!

We read the same passage again and again.  Here’s my thought… when we ride a bike we don’t learn to ride the bike we own by practicing riding on other peoples bikes.  But.. when we are FLUENT in riding our own bike, we are then able to jump on any bike and go!  This is why we do it again and again.. so we get the feel of what FLUENT feels like so they can attain on their own with a piece of unseen text.

Now, I always like to give a word of warning when using my DIBELS stuff.  Some people feel as if it’s teaching to the test.  I personally don’t but there are some who do.  This is no different than the lists of real words I give my students each week to practice reading and writing with a sand timer and for fluency.  Uhm… some call it word work or spelling!  The difference is I am using nonsense words.  In my opinion, it is not teaching to the test because reading theory shows that if you want to truly see how a student can decode, you give them a list of nonsense words.  This is not a theory that DIBELS invented and therefore reading nonsense words should not done exclusively as an assessment.

As a matter of fact, those of you who follow me on my fan page would know that we are struggling getting my first grader to read.  We had him identified as being dyslexic and have him going to an Orton-Gillingham tutor (during school hours off campus and at our cost mind you) and guess what he is doing now… NONSENSE WORDS!  Orton-Gillingham reading programs were around MANY more years than DIBELS!  Oh.. and guess what… after only 3 session.. HE’S READING!  Isn’t that crazy?  There is more to come on this, I promise, because it’s good stuff we can all do with our students!

So.. that’s a glimpse at what’s going on now!  Lots more to come!


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