Fairytale Magic Mirror Craft

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We’ve been focusing on everything fairytales this month and I have to admit that’s it’s one of my favorite themes. I love how easy it is to embed a rich literacy aspect into all of our activities and this fairytale magic mirror craft matches perfectly with Snow White.

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Fairytale Magic Mirror Craft

This activity is a must do everytime we read the Snow White fairytale. I try to make it early on in the week that we are doing this book, as I find they get played with a lot in the pretend play area afterwards. When I first started making these I would do it a little bit different – cutting out the foil card and placing it on a brightly colored card, but over time I’ve found that this way is a lot simpler, especially if you are trying to do a whole class activity. I’ve also seen some people make the mirrors using kitchen foil, but I find this is really hard to stick on and it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as using proper craft foil.

What you need to make your Fairytale Magic Mirror Craft
fairytale magic mirror craft snow white what you need

  • Silver foil cardstock
  • Stickers of your choice (we used gemstones and butterflies)
  • Large Craft Sticks
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush (for the glue)
  • Scissors – we used ‘fancy scissors’ (I believe they’re called decorative edge scissors, but we like our name for them!).

For this activity I didn’t print out templates, instead encouraging the children to find items around the room that would work well for their preferred shape. Many of them also chose to draw and cut out their own shapes. I let the children cut out their own work, but you could pre-cut the shapes if you wanted to make the activity quicker. I believe you can also buy pre-cut foil shapes, but this would get quite expensive for a whole class set.

How to make a Fairytale Magic Mirror Craft

  1. Trace or draw your shape onto the foil cardstock.
    fairytale magic mirror craft snow white step 1
  2. Cut out the shape using your ‘fancy scissors’.
    fairytale magic mirror craft step 2
  3. Glue the shape onto the craft stick
    fairytale magic mirror craft snow white gluing on the stick to the mirror
  4. Let the children decorate them however they like
    fairytale magic mirror craft idea finished products
  5. I always like to re-read the “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” passage of Snow White with the children after they have finished their craft!

I hope you’re class of Kinders enjoys this activity as much as my children did! If you want to extend this activity you could make a giant mirror for your class pretend play area.



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