Hello friends,

My name is Lidia. I am the author of Kinder Alphabet. I am so glad to be guest blogging for Jennifer  today. I am excited to write about a DIY activity that I love. Hopefully you will have enough time between now and the beginning of school to make this project. It is very simple and quick to make.

This DIY project can work with many activities. Today, you will see how it can be used as a Roll-a-Word center activity.

These are the materials that you will need:
1- Colorful construction paper
2- Paper tube
3- Ruler
4- Scissors
5- Tape


1- Measure and cut a long strip of paper according to the tube’s width. I just measured across, but cut it the long way in the other direction. See the picture below.

2- Roll the paper around the tube and cut the extra paper off. Then, make sure to tape it down tightly. We do not want the yellow paper to move when we roll the consonant strips.

3- Download the printables. I made several word family printables. I included -an, -at, -ig, -it, -en, -et, -ot and -ug. Most of these have two strips of consonants for each word family. You can make enough tubes for each consonant strip or simply slide them on and off to replace the sounds that you want to work on.

4- Tape the word family strip to the colorful paper tube. For the beginning consonant strips, you just tape the ends together like you see on the picture.

5- Finally, you can slip the consonant strips on the tube. They will not be tape down to the tube.  The consonants will have a small loose fit so that students can roll the paper around the tube to change the beginning sound. This is a great way to make new words.

6- Make a tube for each word family and put them in a bucket for your literacy center. Your students can be instructed to write the new word on a recording sheet, dry-erase board or in their writing journals. Another option is to have them build the words with alphabet magnets or letter tiles. If you are not comfortable putting these in a center, you can also use them during your small group time.

7- Have fun watching your students read!

Thanks Lidia for the great idea!  Can’t wait to make these with my students this year! Two more things to know about!

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