Quick Tax Tip for Teachers

Jan 28, 2017 | April, Teacher Wisdom | 0 comments

One of the times that I used to dread as a teacher was tax time. I know teaching kindergarten we don’t actually teach about that. But as an adult we have to file our taxes by April 15th just like everyone else. The IRS allows teacher tax deduction called the Educator Expense Deduction. You can claim up to $250 of items that you purchased this past year! This tax tip will help you to get that deduction even if you lost all of your receipts!

My biggest headache as a teacher for this time of the year has been to keep up with all of those receipts throughout the year. I hated it! But now, I don’t need to. Let me show you how I made it easier than ever! Well… okay. Not me. But it’s definitely easier!


Tax Tip for Teachers

Your first step is to head over to your TPT homepage and click on your account. It’s up in the upper right-hand corner. When you click on your name it will pop up like this:

Tax Tip for Teachers

After you click onto your account you will look down and click on ‘Purchase History’. Teachers Pay Teachers has already done lots of hard work for you and your accountant!

Tax Tip for Teachers

They have all you need in 1 simple download so that you can click, print, or e-mail. Now, don’t let that number terrify you though! I promise that almost everyone’s is possibly over the $250 mark. Mine definitely takes care of my educator deduction for last year without me having to keep up with a single solitary receipt all year long!


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