Because some bloggers ask… and there is not a real definite place to send them on how to actually create a Linky… I am going to throw this in a blog post so that way if anyone else needs it they can find it.  =)  So here it is… how to set up a Linky Party!

I always use Linky Tools.  I think it was free to join, or maybe a few dollars for the year.  Either way, it’s super simple and quick and can generate a lot of traffic for you!

Click the image above to go to

Create your log in or log in like normal and you will be taken to the screen below.  In the bottom right hand corner is says Create “A New Linky,”  click there.

Here you will select what type of linky you want.  I always do Thumbnail because I like to see the image.  I just feel it helps readers to pick which one they want to read quicker.  You can also choose basic which I believe just creates a list.  It’s completely up to you.  Then click go.

Next you will see the box below.  Enter a name for your linky.  I always increase my Length to like 300, just because you never now.  =)  But if you make it too big I have found it will create funny spaces in your blog post.  So if you get funny spaces, lower this number and it should fix it.  I also do the second smallest box, just because if they are too big it takes up too much space in your blog post.

Next, pick a start date and an end date.  I always leave mine open ended, but some people close them off I would assume to create a sense or urgency to link up?  If you are wanting to make it a blog hop, you will check that box.  A blog hop will allow others to get the code and post the linky on their blog as well.
I check two other boxes, require email (so if I have to contact them it is easy to find them) and then require backlink (which should already be checked.)  Requiring a back link will require the person linking up to include a link in the post that they are linking up.  You will have to make your blog post live, then go back in and put the required URL for the backlink otherwise people will have trouble linking up.  This is essential because the point of a Linky is to get traffic to you. If they do not do this, then they are taking traffic from you but not returning it.  It is considered a blogging NO-NO to link up without a backlink so be sure as bloggers you are doing that as well.  =)
Then at the bottom you click here… whatever that big long box says! =)
You will return to your dashboard which lists your Linkies.  You can go in and edit from here if you need to or just get the code and go.

This is what it looks like if you get the code.  Just copy and paste it into the HTML compose area in blogger.  You will not see it in the post during compose, but when you will when you go into preview.

That’s it!  Pretty simple.  Now there are all sorts of blog posts on Linky Etiquette, as I find those I will link them into this blog post for reference.  (If you have one or know of one, please comment below and I will pull it up to the blog post so people can be fully aware!)

And just FYI, I am no expert by any means, so if you have any tips or tricks, please feel free to comment them below!

Have a great day!