School ended for me a week ago.  Those last 2 weeks are just so overwhelmed I am finally catching up!

One of my big stresses every year is end of the year colorable certificates.  There are so many fun choices online but I always hate wasting the ink to print 25 of them.  And I refuse to spend money at the teacher store (the markup just kills me!)  Plus do I give kids a Certificate of Completion for Kinder and some other fun award?  So many choices!

The ink literally kills me!  To print a class set will take about 75% of my ink and at $60 a hit that is just not an option for me!  So I came up with these fun certificates that the kids can color.  I did not take any sample pictures – but I was very surprised that they ended up as good as they did!  Here’s

Certificates to celebrate specific days.
A few certificates of achievement to give along the year.
It has certificates of completion and graduation!
Several welcome certificates.
This one is for my friend Yolanda… who is a NKOTB fanatic!
Now for your free certificate… If you download the preview you will get this cool Star Student Certificate all ready to go!  Click the image to head over!
Click here to get your FREE PREVIEW of my Colorable Certificates!
Speaking of ink.  Look what I got!
Did you know that Staples gives you $2 per ink cartridge turned in?  So I tell everyone I know… my parents, my friends, my students to bring me their empty ink cartridges.  And guess what… this is the first year I will have all of my staples purchases made off this money.  In fact, the above money I am not sure how to spend because I have gone in every month and got what I needed for the start of they ear with these coupons!  So here is a flyer you can share to get those empty ink cartridges and start getting your free money!
Click here or above to get this from my Random Freebie file!
Hope everyone is having a great end of school year or beginning of summer!