Kindergarten Football Activities

Jan 29, 2013 | Giveaways, January, Math, Reading, TpT in Action, Writing | 12 comments

I admit… I am not big on football.  I had to even post on Facebook to find out what a touchdown and field goal were to make sure I am making the right vocabulary!

So I made this little Literacy set – Simply Football:
Included is Football Frenzy – Roll a dice and read the letter names for what you roll.
 Emergent Reader
 Hundred’s Chart Hunt
Phoneme Football – Scoring by breaking down words
 With independent followup activity
Plus several other activities!   Click here to get these activities from TpT!
First 5 people to comment will get for free!  Please comment your email!


  1. Mrs. Miller

    I never make the top of the list lol.. I love your ideas, the pages are totally cute. The letter naming page reminds me of Dibles, I am forever doing activities like that, but never with such cute pictures. I will have to add some more cute clip art into my life :)We call it speed read!

  2. susanlulu

    I’m not in first five, but this is cute. I don’t like football either, but we have to “go” with the flow of our students and their interests.

  3. Nicole

    I’m sad I didn’t see this earlier. These people are surely on the ball!

    • Bertalynn

      Thank you! I was just wondering were you going to send this through our email. I still haven’t received it. Thank you.

  4. Becky Weeks

    Love football! Ou sooners are my fave!!!

  5. fashionspectrum

    Can’t wait for my students to get their eyes on this!! Super fun and something different!!!


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