LeapTV in the Classroom!

If you are looking to add a little more technology to your classroom or looking for a fun new center for your students LeapTV is for you!  LeapTV in the Classroom will be loved by all!

LeapTV is a kid friendly and educational video gaming system that is great for your early childhood classrooms.  Here’s a few specifics for the system that you might want to know:

  • It is made for kids 3-8.
  • Games support reading, math, science and problem solving.
  • As the children play, the academics on the games progress.  Because of this the games are always changing.
  • TONS of game choices using theme students know like Frozen or Spiderman as well as the traditional LeapFrog games like Mr. Pencil and Letter Factory.
  • It has 3 ways to play:  motion, pointing, and the traditional controller.
  • Movement is a part of many games.
  • There is a hint button on the remote for when students need it (although I would not tell them this because I have never need it to be used yet.)
  • The system includes a camera which will allow the students to see themselves on the screen.  Kids will have to swing their arms around or move from side-to-side to master the skills all while they see themselves do it on the screen. It’s pretty cool!

LeapTV in the Classroom!

The above shown Frozen game has students selecting numbers in order from least to greatest. Upon completion they will earn a ski session with Olaf! Students will love it!

Olaf has earned a trip down the hill after the kids have successfully put numbers in order from least to greatest. LeapTV's Frozen game has kids practicing numbers, shapes, and much more!

LeapFrog Frozen game has kids working on numbers, shapes, and much more! Students will complete the tasks and then help Olaf sled down a hill.

Each game also comes with a listing of the skills in which the students will be practicing along with some general directions for the game.

LeapTv's Letter Factory will have students go on a high speed roller coaster to identify letters. As the skills build they will be reading words too!

In the Letter Factory students will guide the roller coaster and point towards the correct letters only.  As the skills progress the students will be putting those letters together to build words!

One of my favorite parts of this game is the letter formation.  Students will use the pointer and move their arm using big motions to form the letters on the screen correctly.  We all know this is an ongoing skill for all students in kindergarten so it’s definitely one of my favorite parts!

LeapTV's Letter Factory has students using big motions with their arms to form the letters.

Ms. Rice from Liberty, Mississippi mentioned in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group that also recently added a LeapTV to her classroom as well.  So I could not help but ask her some questions about her experience.

 1.  How easy was it to set up? Was it easy? Is it on your smart board? 

It was super easy to set up. Probably easier than a DVD player. I do have wi-fi at my school, and I connected the LeapTV to my smart board. The system is super lightweight, so I mounted it to the wall with two command strips.

2.  How do you use it? Small group, whole group? And what does that look like?

We use it mostly for small groups. I have 12 centers the students visit each week, but I have them divided by color that they visit each day. They have a punch card they use each week to keep track of the centers they complete, and they only get a punch if they actually complete the center.

I was worried that they wouldn’t work on their other centers for watching the other kids play the LeapTV, but once they realized they’d be missing a punch on their punchcard, they kept going as normal.

I have 12 games, but I only use one at a time. Right now, they are playing with Spider-Man. They know how to use the remote and play that game independently.

I also use the LeapTV for fun Friday’s and indoor recess, and we take turns. I start with kids that are highest on the behavior chart, and work my way down. Behavior has greatly improved bc they all want to be at the top to the get first pick!

3.  How do your students like it?

My students love it. The games are a lot of fun, and they love the remote! They beg to play it everyday for recess instead of going outside.

4.  Do you recommend it for other teachers?

I absolutely recommend it!! I tell everyone to get one! I’ve had several teachers borrow it to test it out.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate more technology into your classroom this might be it!  LeapTV will give you tons of academic games and be super engaging for your students!

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