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Jul 20, 2014 | Product Review, Science | 2 comments

I seriously am in love with these things and I brought them to Vegas to show all my teacher friends how we are missing out on this amazing resource in our classrooms!

My love for these started at home.  I had a homeschooling friend who emailed me and said… “Hey Jen, have you even thought of getting those Magic School bus Science kits for Braedon?”  The come across Educents all the time and I have seen them but never really looked into them but I was definitely intrigued.  So I ordered a set of 4:  Weather Lab, Nature, Microscopes, and a Slime Lab!

I was SHOCKED when the box arrived.. talk about excitement!  Each set comes in it’s own box shown above!  Over 40 activity cards that start with basic science safety, supplies you would not be able to find at home like tubes, a thermometer, stuff to make your own compass, and a science journal are all included!   Everything fits nicely back into the box when we are done and so I had one happy camper who was excited for science!!!  (Now that’s what I am talking about!)

So I started to think… this stuff would be AMAZING for school!  The items included in the kit are SO DURABLE and meant for little hands!  My kids could so easily do these activities in a center without breaking the items.  Now – some of you are saying.. but wait.. we don’t do science centers!  I know, I know.  But if you paired these activities with a writing journal in your writing lab you would be gravy!  You are giving your students first hand experiences with weather so they can then go and write words and sentences about it!  Amazing!
Each kit comes with from what I can tell over 40 activity cards.  Take a peek.
Activities include:
making clouds in a bottle
making rain
making a wind vane
building a weather station
greenhouse effect
making a thermometer
making a tornado
making a pinwheel
creating a rainbow
making a swirling snake (wind)
creating your own weather chart
using the sun to read time
making a compass (to see which was the wind blows)
making water disappear
With 40 activity cards you can see that not every activity has a hands on component to it which is great because you teach these things in slow steps your students will understand!
Check out this experiment below.  Have you ever been asked “Mrs. Kadar, what happens to the rain on the ground?”  Insert your own name of course.  =)  I have a million times and I tell the kids ‘oh it evaporates.’  So with this activity we mark the water in the circle and actually see it disappear over time – drawing a circle around the original puddle with your Scentos markers.  Then in a followup activity we explore clouds through a sponge… and how when the sponge gets more and more water in it, it will start to drip (or RAIN!)  The activities are so simple and yet they create that meaning for the kids!
This is making learning so much more meaningful for kids!  And these kits are perfect our classrooms!  For kids like my son who struggle to learn, this is paramount!
They will need a few minor adjustments because the activities are made for one instead of several.  For example, the wind snake you are given one but it’s just spiral on a piece of paper.  Many of the activities you will do as demonstrations and then they can journal about them very easily based off what the class as a whole experiments on.
Overall… as a parent and a teacher these kits get an A+, an Exceeds, and two thumbs up!
Educents runs these kits often and so the deals and offers change!!!!    Head over and see what great science they have for your students!
Happy Science Everyone!

For more science I love check out this Pinterest board! Follow Simply Kinder’s board Science on Pinterest.


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