Never Run Out of Tissues Again – A Bright Idea!

Jul 19, 2014 | Management, May, Teacher Wisdom | 9 comments

It’s Bright Idea time again… and I have to admit.. this is totally not my Bright Idea but one that was shared with us at school one day and SO worthy of sharing with the world!!  We all work with so many amazing teachers who don’t blog or share on social media but is too cool not to share with the world for her!

Does your school provide tissues?  If you are like my experiences in school it’s very limited and then we move towards donations.  Then we eventually move towards… go get some toilet paper in the bathroom or the ever so popular (and hard to break) using of the sleeve… ewh!

So… why not put that toilet paper right in your room?  And guess what – it fits on a paper towel holder!!!  Two whole rolls!  How cool is that?  LOL.  So I headed to the local Goodwill and bought the cheapest one I could find!  It’s missing the top and looks a little funky but hey…!  And toilet paper is so cheap (and I bet many schools will give it to you for free too!)  Super Bright Ideas right?!

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  1. Haley O'Connor

    Stop it right now…this is just too smart. Kleenex are the one thing I run out of EVERY year, and the one thing I resent having to purchase, haha! Now I don’t have to! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Wright

    Brilliant! And nice soft toilet paper is cheaper than Kleenex… and they tend to need just a little bit of tissue, not the whole thing, anyway! Love this idea!
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