Ninja Day!

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We are officially in the last days of school and that means some fun themed days!  Today was…. NINJA DAY! 

We started with the fun book Nighttime Ninja.  It was a great book that had very little words and great pictures so it kept the kids interested!  Great illustrations of some of the things ninjas would do like jumping buildings or sliding across ropes.  The kids loved it.

Then we read The Three Ninja Pigs… great twist to an old favorite for sure!  But it gave us some great movement as we practiced some ninja moves!  This too was so fun!!

From there we moved into a writing activity.  We all wrote about what good ninja’s do.  I made these cute ninja journals.

We wrote about what we thought it would take to be a good ninja (or really anything ninja related).  I did also staple extra pages into their journals so they could go home as a ninja journal some more.  LOL.
 Covers were easy to make.  Just a skin color strip for the face, white eyeballs with black pupils!  Literally took like 8 minutes!
Last we made these fun masks out of paper plate (and construction paper for extra support and color.)
(Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone picture.. remember when iPhone quality was like WOW!)
I prepped the masks by cutting them and tying strings to them like shown below.  (Forgot to take pictures of that part.)
And then we covered the masks with black strips of construction paper.  I was worried about them looking boring with just black crayon and worried they would fall apart with just the plate.. so torn are was perfect to make them super sturdy!
We ended the day with this other fun story that came in my Scholastic Ninja Pack (that I got for free with my points too!)  This was a great followup to a class visitor we had who did some story telling and used The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Also very appropriate for now as we are telling on EVERYTHING… is it summer yet?
Oh and our favorite silent e video… “silent e is a ninja.”  Make sure you watch this first… just in case you are not cool with the content (it says the word dope… not like as in drugs though nor directed at anyone.  Just being honest.)

More themed days to come.. hopefully I have time to share them with you!  (Sigh!)

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