Paper Bag Kite Craft

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Can you believe it’s almost Spring? I love any opportunity to get my Kinder’s outside after a cold winter, and this paper bag kite craft is always a really poplar activity. We love to combine this activity with the book ‘Curious George Flies a Kite’.

I love that it’s really cheap to make as well, so you’re not going to blow the budget (if you have one) or spend too much of your own money on supplies.  The total cost of supplies to make a class set of these was less than $5.

We used stickers to decorate our kites, but you could just as easily paint them or draw on them with markers. If you use white bags then oil pastels or bright crayons work really well too. I like the stickers as it’s a great fine motor activity for them too.  You can always do the first part (stickers on the bag) as a fine motor activity during center time and then finish the kite’s at a later time.

paper bag kite craft

What you need: 

supplie for paper bag kite craft

  • Paper lunch bags (I bough a pack of 100 for $2)
  • Crepe Paper or streamers in a mix of colors
  • Craft glue
  • String or wool
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers (or markers or crayons – your choice)

What to do:

instructions for paper bag kite craft

  1. Give each child a paper bag and some stickers to decorate as they see fit.
  2. Cut the crepe paper or streamers into strips. I recommend that an adult pre cuts these and has them ready for each child.
  3. Glue the crepe paper onto the back of the kite (at the join of the bag, not the open part)
  4. Pre cut the sting. Don’t make it too long as it will be too hard for the children to make the kite fly.
  5. Sticky tape the string inside the paper bag (close to the open end of the bag)
  6. Let the children fly their kite’s! The open part of the bag catches the wind and they fly really well!


This is a great activity to do before you go out for outside play, as the children will LOVE running around with their kite’s and watching the wind make them fly!

  • final image kite paper bag craft


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