Pot of Gold Addition Mats

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Even though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t one of the big holidays that we celebrate in our classroom, I always like to add a few fun, themed activities to our centers. For one of our math activities this year, I created these Pot of Gold Addition Mats. They are a great way for children to practice identifying the missing addend and add to ten.

Pot of Gold Addition Mats

How To Use The Pot of Gold Addition Mats:

• Pot of Gold Addition Mats
• White Paper or Card Stock
• Yellow Play Dough, Pom Poms, Two Color Counters, Mini Erasers, or another counting manipulative
• Dry Erase Marker
• Scissors
• Laminator and Laminating Pouches

To prepare this math activity, print the Pot of Gold Addition Mats (click on the button below to download and print) on white paper or card stock and cut them apart. Then, laminate the mats to reuse them.

How To Play:
To begin playing, your students will select a Pot of Gold Addition Mat and count the number of gold pieces in the pot. They will then use yellow play dough, pom poms, two-color counters, mini erasers, or another counting manipulative to add on to 10.

Pot of Gold Addition Mats
After filling the pot with gold, your students will count the number of gold pieces that they added. They will then use a dry erase marker and write the number on the blank.

These Pot of Gold Addition Mats are perfect of Kindergarteners but can also be used as an intervention tool for older students. This math activity is great to use for math centers, small group instruction, or as an enrichment activity for early finishers. Your students can work together with a partner or by themselves to solve each addition problem.

Pot of Gold Addition Mats

With any luck, your students will learn how to add to ten this St. Patrick’s Day with these Pot of Gold Addition Mats.

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