Process Art Fans

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With Spring approaching it’s the perfect time to make these process art fans. I remember making fans when I was at school and they are just as much fun for kinders today.
process art fans for kinders. A fun kinder craft activity for Spring. #kindercraft #kinderart #springcraft

Process Art Fans

These fans not only look great but they are heaps of fun to make. We use dish washing brushes to get a great stamping effect and the children love the stamping process. This is an activity that is best completed over two days as you will need time for the paintings to dry before you start folding them into fans.

What you need to make process art fans

For this activity the materials required are minimal and you should have most of them already in your art cupboard. The only additional item you might need is the dish washing brushes. If you’re doing these as a whole class I recommend buying 4 or 5 of them and completing the activities in small groups.

You will need:

process art fan what you need

  • Washable Poster Paints in a variety of colors (try to include white as it always looks good mixed with other colors)
  • Dish washing brushes
  • Tray or paper plates to put the paint on
  • Paper – I used large A3 sized paper but you could use regular printer sized paper too (any size will work really).
  • Tape or ribbon to tie up the fans. I used some small washi tape as this was what we already had, but ribbon would work well too.

How to make process art fans

Day 1

As I mentioned you will need to let the paintings dry so completing these over two days is recommended.

  1. Set out your paints on your tray or plate
    process art fan step 1
  2. Give each child a blank white piece of paper
  3. Let them stamp! Encourage them to use different colors.
    Process art fan image 1
    process art fans image 2
  4. Let the paintings dry overnight
    process art fans image 3

Day 2

When the paintings have dried:

  1. Show the children how to fold the paper. This part is a little bit tricky for younger children and they may need some help to get started.
    process art fans folding
  2. Pull the paper together at the end and tape together or tie with ribbon (if using ribbon, put some tape on first to make it easier)
    process art fans finished
  3. Use as a fan or hang on display!
    process art fan fanning 1

These process art fans are something that you will find the children will enjoy making over an over again! When we were making these at home my daughter made 7! If you wanted to make different versions you could decorate with oil pastels or finger painting for different effects.





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