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Leap Year 2020 Bonus Bundle



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Leap Year 2020 Bonus Bundle

Included in this download is:
LEAP YEAR NO PREP ACTIVITIES: craft, hats, calendars, close reads, reports, certificates, trail mix, bucket list, vocabulary, exercise activities, graphic organizers and literacy and math printables. BONUS 2020 hats included.
LEAP YEAR EASY READER: One leap year reader book what includes a cover and 6 informational pages. Text is written so it is easy to read and there is great picture support. Kids will also love coloring the pages.
LEAP YEAR CRAFT STORY: Write a story and glue the interactive picture onto the page. Way more fun than boring writing.
2020 BONUS BUNDLE ITEMS: With this bundle you get 12 BONUS Simply Centers for Leap Year. Six math and six literacy with frog or leaping theme. Each center comes with a print and play center in color and black and white, editable center card with sample photo, and several options for printable accountability pages. ($36 value) Files are stored offsite (you will get a math and a literacy link upon checkout).
Jennifer Kadar – Simply Kinder – Presidents Day – Kindergarten


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