Coming up with different reading intervention activities is definitely one of the tricky tasks we have as teachers!  We know that what worked in whole group did not work for these children and so we have to constantly mix it up when we pull them for small groups or given when we are giving them differentiated work! You must check out this Word Whammer, it’s a must have resource!

One strategy that I have found works well is including technology and that’s why I LOVE LeapFrog!   LeapFrog is committed to early literacy through fun and engaging technology that extends through the age of 8 (that’s kindergartners and first graders and not just preschoolers!)  And I am super excited to have been selected as a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador so I can share some amazing technology you can use with your students!

LeapFrog Word Whammer is a great little reading intervention or center activity for your kindergarten students! Activities include alphabetic principal, letter sounds, and reading CVC words! PERFECT for your classroom!

So when I got the Word Whammer I initially thought “oh this is great for my struggling readers!”  It’s perfect for practicing alphabetic principal, letter sounds, and introductions into CVC words!  Those kiddos who just are not remember letter sounds will really benefit from this game!  To play students twist the handle and push it in to select the correct option.

Here’s what I love about it:

  •  It covers all bases with each concept.  For example, when working with upper and lower case letters it matched upper to lower, lower to upper, and upper to upper (etc.)
  • It adjusts and progresses to what the students are able to do.
  • It always says the letter name AND sound (THANK YOU LeapFrog!)  So even if they are not ready for sounds, they are being exposed to it.
  • It introduces blending between games as the students spin CVC words and then it models sounding it out.
  • The students have to listen to and follow the directions and usually struggling readers need more practice in auditory processing!
  • It’s game based so the students earn prizes for completing academic tasks!  Students found it fun to pick prizes with the grabber and decide whether to keep it or not!  This part was fast and students really liked having the little break!
  • It’s not dependent on WIFI.

I have to admit, I was a little concerned the kids would think this was a toy for their younger brother or sister but I was so wrong!  It must be the physical design or maybe even the fact that it’s like a handheld video game has made this the go to game during center time!

So this teacher gives the Word Whammer two thumbs up and I highly recommend it for your kindergarten and preschool classrooms!  How cool would it be to have a class set of these to use as morning work or after recess or lunch?  (OK that’s a little much but I definitely could use about 4 more of these to make  whole center or a whole small group!)

As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share ask I see fit.  However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.  I will never share anything that is misleading or that I do not recommend.