Recycled Paper Flowers

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The kiddos will love collecting different types of paper for this recycling project. With a few scraps of unwanted paper they can create beautiful bouquets of flowers. I had the kids collect paper for a few days before we started the project. Newspaper, magazines, gift wrap, and tissue paper all make bright and colorful recycled flowers. They had fun playing with the different combinations to create new types of flowers.

Recycled Paper Flowers

To kick off the project, we read The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. In the story, an old man has the job of sorting through endless mounds of garbage. He dreams of having a forest of his own but in this land full of trash and pollution it doesn’t seem likely. That’s when he comes up with the idea of creating a forest out of garbage. Soon the forgotten pieces of trash turn into a beautiful forest under his hands. With time and luck a real forest sprouts and grows within his tin forest. It’s a beautiful story of preserving our planet and our dreams and its written in a way that will delight kindergartners.

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To create your own beautiful recycled paper flowers, you’ll need just a few simple supplies.


Recycled Paper Flower Supplies

3 pieces of recycled paper cut into 5 inch by 3 inch rectangles for each flower

1/2 paper towel tube


Pipe cleaner for each stem

Recycled Paper Flowers

Start by having the students cut their collected papers into rectangles that are about 5 inches by 3 inches. Each flower will need 3 rectangles.

Recycled Paper Flowers materials

Put the 3 rectangles together and pinch them together in the middle. Take the pinched portion and twist it to create a place to attach the pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and wrap one end around the pinched part of the flower. This will hold the flower together. Twist the remaining pipe cleaner ends together to form the stem.

Recycled Paper Flowers

Next, paint and decorate the 1/2 paper towel tubes to create a vase for the flowers. We just used paint but stickers and markers would be fun to use too!

Recycled Paper Flowers

Enjoy the finished project and talk about the beautiful flowers the class made out of materials that would have otherwise been considered trash!

Recycled Paper Flowers


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