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Mask Friendly Teacher Badge

With teachers (and students) having to wear masks in school, it can feel very impersonal. We have been thinking and trying to come up with a way to let your students see your bright smiling face when your mouth is covered. Please check out these Simply Kinder resources: This and most articles on Simply Kinder […]
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Disneyland Virtual Field Trip

Disneyland is one of our favorite places to visit as a family and so it is only fitting we help teachers have a virtual field trip there. In this article we will load you up with videos to visit Disneyland with your students. Many videos are long, so we suggest you show the parts yo […]
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Teacher Tips for the First Day of Kindergarten

Does teaching the first day of of Kindergarten scare you?  Don’t be scared, be smart and realistic about what should happen!  Here are some quick tips and tricks to make your first day teaching kindergarten fantastic! This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources: Label your students as they walk in the door. No one […]
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Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020

You are seeing them ALL over social media – the Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020! These things are SO adorable and I don’t know a single teacher who does not want one! And today we have some tips on how to find them. No matter what grade you teach, the lined writing paper and pencil straw […]
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