Are you a kindergarten teacher? Then join the Simply Kinder Teacher Collaborative Teacher Boards and pin your favorite kindergarten resources!

I am very excited to announce a BIG addition to the Simply Kinder community!  Yes, Simply Kinder teachers will now have access to a set of Pinterest boards to pin AMAZING early childhood content!

So why is this happening?  Well for a few reasons.  First, it has been requested by many teachers in the Simply Kinder Facebook group.  Also because many great ideas are shared in the Facebook group and they get lost very quickly in the shuffle of the posts.  This will also preserve the ideas into categories so teachers can find them year after year!

Ten collaborative Pinterest boards have been established.  Reading, writing, math, science, and social studies to cover all the content areas.  Then for the holidays we decided to keep it as simply as we can and group them seasonally.  So Fall will include anything back to school related, apples, leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, etc.

Simply Kinder Teacher Boards – all are welcome!

If you are a kindergarten, preschool, or first grade teacher here’s how you can pin along with us:

#1 – You must be a part of the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook group.

#2 – Follow Simply Kinder Teachers on Pinterest.  Click here to head over.

#3 – Raise your right hand and read the following aloud:

“I will pin great teaching content for teachers.  I will not spam or self promote.”

Here are some more specific “guidelines” for participating in the boards:

  • You can join as many or as few boards as you wish.
  • If you are a teacher you can pin as little or as much as you like.  Free or paid, if you find a resource you like please pin it.
  • If you are also blogger or a TpT seller you MUST abide by these guidelines.
    • You may only pin one for purchase item per day and it CANNOT be a cover or screenshot of your item. It must be in use.
    • You may pin blog posts BUT if the image is of a paid resource it falls under the one a day rule.
    • You may pin other people’s content as much as you like throughout the day.
    • Anyone abusing the guidelines as a blogger/seller will be removed.
    • You must be an active member of the Simply Kinder community.  If you do not participate in conversations that contribute to the community in our Facebook group, you may be removed.  This is not a place to promote your business, it is a place to connect and collaborate with teachers.  If this is abused you will be removed.

#4 – Fill out the following request form. We will have to manually add you to the Simply Kinder Teacher Collaborative Pinterest boards, so once you sign up please give us some time to add you to the boards!

And just like that we will begin to collect all of the amazing ideas and resources that are shared amongst kindergarten friends!