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The Jam-Packed Resources that Make This Bundle a Powerhouse

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Articulation Photos with Real Photos

Alphabet Articulation Photos to use as a model for the mouth formations for the 44 phonemes. Each card has a full color mouth photo with diverse kindergarten students and the grapheme they represent.

Teacher Tip Cards

Teacher Tip Cards for all 44 phonemes with REAL mouth photos, keywords, directions on how to make the sound, spelling rules, tips and tricks, and more!

Alphabet & Sound Printables

Alphabet & Sound Printables such as interactive notebooks, editable sound brochures with homelink, alphabet printables with interactie Seesaw activities, alphabet board with REAL mouth photos, and more

Personal Sound Walls

Personal Sound Wallswith over 140 different options based on your class and instructional needs. Get blank copies, all keywords, all mouth photos, with or without spelling, and so much more!

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Meet the Teachers Who Love this SoR Bundle

Real Testimonials from Our Satisfied Teachers Around the World

Elizabeth Says:

"These pictures are AMAZING! I used them in addition to a seperate sound wall that I purchased. I receive so many compliments. My administrators love my sound wall with these pictures and have encouraged other staff to use something similar in alignment with LETRs training.

Stephanie Says:

"This sound wall has been AMAZING! My students use it daily to support their writing and reading. We refer to it often throughout the day. I love that it is real pictures and the pictures have some diversity.

Amy Says:

"My students are a lot more engaged practicing their letter sounds with the real life mouth pictures compared to the mouth drawings that I have used in the past. I really like the sound wall brochures to work with the students then send home for parents to see what we are learning in kindergarten."

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Transform your teaching with Science of Reading Aligned Resources.
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