One of the things I have noticed with all the giveaways this month is how many blogs there are out there that I have never visited!  So I was thinking… let’s do one big link-up so teachers can find new resources (and we can find some new readers too!)

Got me thinking about my journey… I started my blog as Empowering Little Learners… back in the day.  WAY back when… one of my very first posts was just linking up to one of these random linky parties!  I had NO CLUE what I was doing.. I just wanted to play along!  I wanted to get my name out there, meet new people, and reach more readers!
So this is strictly for fun.. no specific topic to write about or ideas to come up with to be included.  All I ask is for a backlink which for those of you newbies is considered propper etiquette!  (What that means is to take a screen shot of the above image or save it and throw it into a blog post.  I personally don’t care if you do a new blog post of if you throw it in an older blog post!  Either way.. use the direct link for that URL to link up!)