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The Best Teacher Printer

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What is the best teacher printer you ask?  Printers are great but what’s even better is a printing service!

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I am excited to share with you the HP Instant Ink program and how it can help you as a teacher.

best teacher printer

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is a program that wirelessly tracks your ink usage and automatically sends you new ink when you need it.  Paid for by monthly subscription that is very affordable and gives you a ton of copies in color and black and white.  When your ink gets low, the system will automatically send you new ink in the mail – it’s that simple.


Why is this great for teachers?

We as teachers already spend so much money on our classrooms and ink is usually a huge part of that.  I don’t know about you, but to come up with $70 every time my printer needs ink is not fun.  And when you calculate out how many pages I typically print compared to how much I spend it ink – well it’s ridiculous.  Before Instant Ink I would consider if I could print something on the back of a piece of paper or wait until at school to print it.  Now with Instant Ink I don’t worry. I know how many pages I have each month and if I don’t use those pages they roll over until they are used.  The time and peace of mind saved is huge.  (Not to mention the cost really is cheaper considering the brand of ink I was using prior.)

The best at home printer for teachers.

How do I sign up?

Two Steps.  Be sure to do both steps below (I gave you links to make it easy.)

  1.  Signing up is easy. You must first have a printer that is compatible with the Instant Ink program.  Click here to see if your current printer is on the list or to get a new printer.  Be sure to read the description and make sure it is eligible.  After you find a printer, be sure to come back grab the link to sign up for the program below.

2.  Once you have your printer, you register with the HP Instant Ink Program online.  Be sure to look for coupon codes because you can get free months of ink with certain coupon codes.

(If you purchase a printer, I don’t believe you have to also purchase the instant ink cartridges.  Your printer will come with them if it is Instant Ink eligible.)

You will pick a monthly plan that works for you and then start printing.  Personally – I do the high plan of 300 pages for $9.99 a month because of the amount of printing I do with my Teachers Pay Teachers materials.  The great thing is too that the pages roll over if you don’t use them – so you literally don’t ever have to worry about getting the best value for your dollar!  (They store up to the number of pages of the program you are in – so on the 300 page plan you can store up to 300 unused pages at one time.)

The best teacher printer.

So what printer do I have at home?

I actually have two HP printers.  The printer where I do all of my teacher printing is an Envy 5440 Wireless All-in-One Color Photo Printer.  This printer prints AMAZING in color – all of my nonfiction readers come out so crisp and clear!  It prints on photo paper and cardstock with no issues.  (It’s also a very affordable printer.)

Many teachers in the Simply Kinder Facebook Group have made the switch and their reviews are also great.   HP Printers with Instant Ink are sure not to disappoint.

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