Virtual Class Norms for Kindergarten

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Are you teaching virtually and needing to set up some virtual classroom norms? We have you covered with this free download.

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We started to see some of the same topics come up in the Simply Kinder teacher group and felt like many of them could be addressed by setting up some virtual class norms. So we asked our group and this is what we collectively came up with:

•Set up a consistent learning space for your student and try to have their tools available in that space for them ready to use. 

•Make sure the background is appropriate.  Please be mindful of people that can be seen in the camera view. Also, please be aware of others talking in the background.

•Help your student get logged on and remind them of the norms before they start. • Dress appropriately.  Use the restroom and eat before you start.

•Leave yourself muted unless instructed otherwise to unmute. •Don’t bring things to class you would not normally bring to class like puppies, donuts, stuffed animals, etc. 

•Raise your virtual hand and wait until you are called if you have a question or have something to say.  Please put your hand down if you no longer need to share.

•If we skip your turn or you pass, we will circle back around to you at the end. 

•If you need to get something or do something like go to the restroom, please do so quietly.  You don’t need to ask or announce you are back.

•Remember your student is learning and it is okay if they answer something incorrectly.

•Stay on topic.  Please use office hours to talk about things that are not on topic – upcoming absences, questions about nonrelated topics, etc.

•If you are having technical difficulties, please leave the space and reenter.  You don’t need to ask to do that.  Please try this before you ask for help.

And the great thing is, we added them all onto an editable flyer for you so can customize them for the things you are seeing in your classroom. We will email you this file along with a great freebie every Sunday, just enter your information below:

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