Why Fake Plants & Who’s Missing!

Jan 11, 2014 | August, Classroom Photos, Management | 4 comments

I have SO MUCH STUFF that I have just reached the point in my career that I use what I have to make things that work for management and organization!

One thing I have an abundance of in my classroom is fake plants! I have always wanted to be THAT teacher and have live plants in my room.  I would start the year with real plants on the kids tables and within 2 weekends they were dead or had flies.  So I got smart and slowly bought fake plants!  Love them.. probably one of my most favorite investments I have made in my classroom!  They don’t need to be watered, the kids can’t hurt them, and they area always their fullest potential!  I picked these little treasures at IKEA… it’s a great teacher place if you have one close!

To make these I took left over name tags.. again using what I have… cut them apart and glued them on for a boys and girls plant!  Literally that simple!

So when a student leaves.. whether is be to go to the restroom, to get a drink, or to run an errand they put the plant on their table and it’s a quick glance to see who is out of the room!  The kids love it and it helps make sure only 1 student is gone while adding some ‘life’ to our room!

It’s a great management tool!  For other quick and easy management ideas… click here!



  1. Linda

    This is such a great idea, Jen! And so cute with the boy and girl labels! I NEED a trip to IKEA!

  2. Mrs. Sheehan

    What a great idea Jennifer! I love it 🙂


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