Stamped Mittens Winter Art for Kids

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Stamped Mittens Winter Art for Kids Mittens winter art project for kids. Cute stamped mittens art.Winter play is some of my favorite ways to teach my young children. We head outside to make snowmen, crunch snowballs, and when we’re too cold to stay in the snow, we go inside for hot chocolate and some crafting. I’m sharing one of my kids’ recent crafts that is great for a group of children because the supplies are minimal and clean up is easy.

We often use cookie cutters as stamps and stencils in our art projects because they’re sturdy and come in so many fun shapes. In the past we’ve made stamped pumpkins, hearts, and clovers. Today we’re making winter mittens that are super cute!


winter mittens art

  • 1 or 2 Mitten Shaped Cookie Cutters
  • White Paint
  • Glue
  • Blue Paper
  • Cotton Balls


winter mittens art

Pour the white paint onto a plate or flat bottomed tray. Push the cookie cutter down into the paint and wiggle it around a little to get the edges thick with paint.

winter mittens art

Lift the cookie cutter out of the tray of paint and stamp it down on the paper. Lift it away and see a mitten on the paper.

winter mittens art

The next step can be a little messy if you only have one cookie cutter. Flip the cookie cutter over and push it back into the paint. Lift it away and stamp it on the paper next to the first mitten. If you have two cookie cutters kids won’t get as much paint on their hands because they won’t need to flip the cookie cutter over to have two mittens on their paper. Pay attention to the thumbs on the mittens because they should either both be facing the center of the paper or both face the outer edges of the paper.

winter mittens art

Add a little glue to the bottom of each mitten. Stretch a cotton ball out by pulling the edges apart and stick it to the glue.

Winter mittens art.

And now you have a pair of winter mittens! This winter art project for kids would be a fun classroom centers activity during the winter months. Use different colors of paper and paint for even more art fun!



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