Hi, my name is Jennifer.

I am the teacher and founder of Simply Kinder. At Simply Kinder we are a community of early childhood educators who believe that learning can be engaging, fun, and effective.  

Truth be told, I didn’t grow up wanting to be a teacher like many people I know and I actually was kicked out of Catholic kindergarten.  But the universe wanted different  and placed me in kindergarten during my student teaching.  

I have taught kindergarten, third grade, fourth grade, and specials (most of my years were kinder though). I have a masters degree in early childhood education with a specialization in early childhood literacy.   I have many hours of Orton-Gillingham under my belt and have a very personal passion to help beginning readers be successful.  

We are a team.

Simply Kinder started as a hobby but has grown over the years and that requires us to have a team to make all the things happen.  We have teachers who help us write and share content, specialists who help us run the marketing, and professionals who help us run overall as a business.  

Why do we share this?  Two reasons.  First, we want to be real and upfront with you.  Simply Kinder is not just Jennifer, and in our opinion it should not be.  We are a community striving to bring you the best of kindergarten. 

And secondly, we are always looking for people to join us.  Simply Kinder is your space and we want you to help us share.  If you are interested in working with us to write articles, share on social media, help create resources, please let us know.  Click here to fill out our interest form and if we have a project we need your help with or a position you would be a good fit for we will reach out!  

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