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My name is Jennifer and I and the creator of Simply Kinder.  I believe kindergarten can be academic, developmentally appropriate, and fun!  By providing these rich experiences for students, we are creating the leaders of tomorrow!  The focus of Simply Kinder is making the lives of people who work with early learners easier and their instruction more effective. 

I believe that teachers are the heart of the classroom, sharing the classroom culture through their interactions and lessons they plan!   As the author of Simply Kinder, I will only post items that I feel help accomplish these goals! And click here to learn about  all of the authors at Simply Kinder.   Be sure to follow along Simply Kinder on InstagramFacebook, our Facebook Group, and Pinterest.


Check out these AMAZING stories:

Please join us in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group. Over 30k early childhood teachers supporting, encouraging, and collaborating together – what’s not to love! Amazing things happen in there… check this teacher who connected with a teacher she knew from her own kindergarten education!  Ah – love it!  Click here to join us and talk all things kindergarten in our Teacher Facebook Group!
Another story. Danielle Tubergen was heartbroken when a student broke a gift from her grandmother.    She posted in our group that she was sad because it was very special to her.  A few weeks later she received a special gift from the “Simply Kinder Facebook Group”.  How amazing is that!? Another teacher, Christa Sams, saw her story and immediately went to Ebay.  She did some stalking and found Danielle’s school, ordered her the figure, had the owner write a note, and sent it on it’s way.  Like many who read this story, tears and a loss for words!  Click here to see the whole thing unfold in our group!  

Be sure to stop by the  Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group.

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