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Hi, I am Jennifer

Welcome! I am the teacher who created the Simply Kinder Community! I am so honored you have stopped by to see what we are all about.

I believe kindergarten can and should be academic and fun.

 I believe teaching the whole child is just as important as academics.

 I believe as an educator, I should meet students where they are – no matter what it takes.

 I believe that resources should be used to supplement, not as main curriculum.

I taught for 14 years, most of those in kindergarten. I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with a reading endorsement. I am married with two boys; both of our kids struggled to learn in school.  I am passionate about creating resources to help teachers  because I have experienced the need and impact both a teacher and as a mom. 

Our goal at Simply Kinder is to create a positive space were early childhood educators feel supported because teaching kindergarten is better together. Welcome again and I am so glad you are here. 

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Back to 90210

Back to 90210

If you know me in real life, you know I am a huge 90210 super fan!  Well, all these back to school photos got me thinking - Happy Back to 90210 Day! CLICK HERE to grab this and snap a picture too!